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Our NEW Stackable Toys Website is Live!

We hope you like the new, fresh Stackable Toys website layout. We will be adding new features over time, to help you to get your LEGO fix from anywhere in the world.

Besides moving to a much faster, UK hosted server, we have added some new features to the website. One great new feature is our “STUDS” rewards system, which matches our in store loyalty program. For every £10 you spend in one order, you receive 1 STUD. Collect 10 STUDS, and you will be able to redeem them against your next order for £5 off, with no minimum spend. If you prefer, you can save them up, and build up an even bigger saving. The best part is, you can also redeem them in-store.

We’ve added all of our current NEW sets to the website, and soon we’ll be adding all of our loose Minifigures. If there is sufficient demand for it, we will also add our Used sets, which you can only usually find in-store.

If you previously had an account with us on the old site, we still have your details, however, you will need reset your password from the login page in order to access your account. We no longer have your old order information on this database, however, if you do need information about a previous order, please contact us as we will be able to provide this manually.

So, have a look around, tell us what you think – and if you spot anything that doesn’t look right, or any bugs, please let us know in the comments, or via Facebook and Twitter.